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First Post

It’s funny…I have had so much to say up till now…I think I’m taking this first Blog post to seriously. So I’m going to just post whatever is on this page by 12 this afternoon.

I’ve thought about the question: “With others that know so much more than I do…with others who are so much better than I am…why should I be broadcasting my opinions to the world?” First I’m not a teacher. If someone is looking for leadership they should not be looking here. This blog is simply my perspective or point of view. It is one voice in the midst of billions relaying experience, perspective, and opinion. Second I am Christian, which caries with it the felt duty of proclaiming and spreading the Christian message. So…I feel like (although I might not be the most qualified) I have a responsibility not to keep silent. This mentality is often annoying to unbelievers, but if we are right then in the end the most annoying was the good neighbor that did what they should have done.

Finally, I have talked and will probably continue to talk a lot about the Christian viewpoint in comparison with the atheist/agnostic perspective. Why…it probably has to do with my time and location in the world (America). If I was born in Ancient Greece I would probably focus on Christian/Pagan perspective. If I was born in middle age Constantinople it would probably be Christian/Muslim. There are probably other underlining reasons why I focus on the atheist viewpoint but what ever the reasons I will talk about them a lot.

Look at that…done by 10:40.

May contain yeast, season with salt.