Because I like it

Have you ever wondered why non theists appear so often to be far better prepared to answer why they don’t believe than many Christians are prepared to answer why they do believe?

I have a theory on this…and NO…non-theists, it’s not because the non theists are so much smarter or logical. ( wink with a smile )  I believe it’s because of instinct. Oddly enough the theistic instinct. When a believer goes to church there is no part of their mind that says “shouldn’t you NOT be going here?” There is no part of their mind saying, “Okay… next week I’m going to quit this habit of church.” There is no part of their mind that says, “When I have kids I’m going to stop going to church.” Their mind does not bother them about going to church or believing in God. Their mind doesn’t say, “why this?” because people who are well feed do not complain as hungry people. Nor, if they are satisfied, look for another kind of water.

But in contrast, I believe the unbeliever does. They are so good at firing these questions because they have already fought MANY jujitsu matches of this kind with their own mind. “Why should I?”, “How do I know that is the best?” “those people are not that good!”, “Even if I go that way, how will I know it was all worth it?”  These battles have been going on inside their head for years. By the time they meet most Christians they are black belts in this type of banter. And often when they leave the presence of a Christian not ready for a match of “whys” they leave convinced they are of their disposition because they have carefully considered the matter and the other person simply has not.

But the truth is they are better at this kind of a match because they have been sparring with their own minds for years. Their own minds and consciences spur these internal fights. I contrast their opponents have simply not for the lack of need or internal conflict that makes one good at these arguments.

Interestingly the same questions don’t bother other areas of life. For instance, If I liked soccer and someone asked “why do you play soccer?” or asked, “don’t you think base ball is better?” or remarked “The people that I know that play soccer are very bad at it.” These comments are all put to silence by the simple statement, “I like it.”

It’s so simple yet stops a thousand questions… even “why do you like it?” because you can just retort, “I just do!”

So form now on  if some one asks me why I’m Christian I will simply respond, “Because I like it!”