Even if I was an Atheist I would be a Christian.

Or to be clearer I would be a fan of, a supporter of, Christianity.

But that doesn’t make any sense, you don’t believe there is a God yet you would support the belief that does?

Yes I would be an atheist that hopes there is a God like the one the Christians describe. I don’t necessarily believe the Rams are going to win the Super Bowel but I can hope…I can buy tickets and cheer. And as far as being atheist, I would do this because I believe that any good hearted person (if they can’t believe) would at least hope it’s true. I believe that any good hearted person, after reading how Jesus behaved and treated others, would hope that the God of this Jesus is true…even if they don’t believe it now.

Although I might not believe it I would hope that somewhere out there, there is some conscious something that cares; some conscious something with the will to comfort and the power to do it. Even If I was an atheist I would hope that someday there will be a reckoning for those that do good yet get nothing and those who do horrible things and yet live all their days in comfort. I would hope the guy who refused to lie about his neighbor and lost his place with the powerful would some day be repaid for the sacrifice. I would hope the mother who lost her children would someday see them again. I would hope that the men who slaughtered a village, ignored the starving so they could keep power, and without pity made it difficult for the impoverished to pull themselves out of foreclosure; …I would hope that those who carelessly caused separation and divorce, those that railed and beat their spouses and children, those that physically and verbally assault others to feed their vanity and egos;…I would hope that there came a day when they JUSTLY paid for it, or at least felt and showed remorse.

Even if I was an atheist and believed that when a person died that was the end of reward or retribution forever, I would still hope someday in a bazaar unforeseen turn of events that brought people back to their former consciousness, that all this justice was going to happen…The suffered and the wronged comforted and the cruel, careless and selfish saw a just payment.

I would also hope that a person who has made mistakes and feels sorry about them can be forgiven and work their way into the company of people who are good and have never made the mistakes that you might have made. I would hope that a person is not forever labeled by a mistake they made.

Even if I did not believe all this justice and good was going to happen I would still hope it was going to. I believe that any good hearted person would hope this.

Well how can you hope in something that you don’t believe is possible?

Well the one thing that history and science HAS taught us is that we have no idea what is truly possible. What happens in reality and continues to happen does not cease to confound and amaze mankind, so assuming you know what is possible and what is not is a demonstrate-able fallacy. But hoping for what you find hard to believe is human and what you hope for says a lot about who you really are.