Real Nice Girl.

She was a real nice girl. REAL nice. She never hurt anyone. She was sweet and always helped out. But she died of a heart attack. A heart attack! That slow killer that builds it’s trap ever so slowly. Little by little…sugar and fat. Little bite here little bite there. She wasn’t a bad person. She ate what everyone else was eating. It’s the culture.

So much of the shoots and ladders lie more in culture than in individual decisions. So the battles in the culture. And in this culture people just don’t care like they used to. When you had to dig to stay alive, When you didn’t have sweet fat everywhere you turned. Culture permits it, encourages it. Your not worried and no one is worried about you…especially if you look healthy compared to others.

Dietitians are annoying. Do this…don’t do that. Especially when their results are hopeful speculation. They can’t really grantee anything. Who knows if they wind up better off than anyone else. And half of them are binging when no ones looking…right.

Everyone thinks medical science has got them covered. Everyone thinks they can reverse at any time. Everyone one thinks it’s the doctors job to save them when they get sick. But where’s the doctor when your heart stops beating?

She was a real nice girl.