I keep seeing these posts of George Cartlin ranting about this and that and it seems to me a LOT of people are take up his mantel like a dynamic meme of “the general population is stupid”, “the elite control everything”, and the single greatest problem of all mankind is people don’t “THINK FOR THEMSELVES” …..

But it’s so grossly untrue I can’t believe so many people fly this flag. People are fantastic at “THINKING FOR THEMSELVES” … they always have been…. They always will be.

Consider this …. when you join the military what is the FIRST thing they have to grind, drain and beat out of you. …. “THINKING FOR YOURSELF” …. It’s such a super common issue that they have to take a LOT of time and effort in every recruit to burn it out of them. They ALL “Think for themselves” …. Thats the problem. The geniuses think for themselves and so do the nearly retarded …. and CERTAINLY the “all in between” ……

But check it out …. the great failure of this “THINK FOR YOURSELF” montra is that people think the problem is in the “THINKING” …. like the whole populous is just so lazy that they won’t or can’t “THINK” …. but that’s the failure of this whole idea. The problem isn’t with thinking at all. In fact “THINKING” is the easiest part and the part they ALL do very quickly when deciding to act or ignore.

What Cartlin would never touch because is comes into territory he was horribly uncomfortable with is the problem ……. the real problem with those three word …. ” THINK FOR THEMSELVES” is …. the last two words …… “FOR THEMSELVES” ….